Fainting Spells, volume 2! (in filler mode. Doh.) by Biev

Fainting Spells webcomic by Biev - naked kids and squirt guns? o.O

Pouty Biev says :
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August 19, 2008

I can't believe I managed to draw this. There are no words to describe how tired I am. In fact if I stay awake another 5 minutes, I'm pretty sure I will vomit.

Gah, children's anatomy / proportions practice coupled with coming-up-with-natural-looking-poses-without-using-a-reference practice. Why did I choose to do that tonight, after work and several days of practically no sleep? Clearly I love the punishment.

Honestly, it's harder to meet deadlines when I give myself these kind of challenges... but how else am I gonna improve? Once you find something to work on you just gotta keep at it, I say.

Ah, you've probably guessed it, but the reason the kids are naked here is that I always start by drawing the characters naked to make sure they are anatomically correct before dressing them up... And since this is a filler, I didn't get to the clothing stage. I didn't even bother to clean the sketch really, I just upped the contrast ^^;;

In other news, we have a spiffy new forum... all colorful and shiny and egg yolk...y, so do check it out! You do have to register and wait for approval to post (keeps the robots away). Fear not, none of us bite, we are all fun, occasionally hyper, more often than not completely delirious people. The worst we do to newbies is maybe paint their nails and put bows in their hair (¬_¬)


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